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Experience Makes A Difference

If you face a legal problem such as a criminal arrest, divorce or overwhelming debt, the attorney you choose to represent you makes a difference. If you are serious about protecting your future, you will look for an attorney with experience, one who has handled these issues before and helped others who are in the same situation you are in now. For numerous people in Abilene and throughout surrounding Texas communities, attorney Kevin Willhelm at Willhelm Law Firm has been that choice.

Kevin is a board-certified attorney with nearly 30 years of experience in the areas of bankruptcy, criminal law and family law. While any attorney can claim experience, very few are board-certified. In Texas, only 10% of licensed attorneys are board-certified and can legally advertise themselves as experts in their practice area. The requirements for board certification are rigorous, and include legal knowledge, a track record of results and reputation in the legal community. Kevin has met these standards and is here to make a difference in your case.

Successfully Defending Against Federal Charges

Although many crimes qualify as state crimes, certain aspects of a case may make it a federal matter. Federal criminal cases require unique attention to detail and knowledge of the federal criminal system, which moves much more quickly than state systems. Mr. Willhelm has handled numerous cases in federal court, and can help explain how the process works and the different types of enhanced consequences, including mandatory sentencing, that you may face after being charged with a federal crime.

Protecting Your Future On All Fronts

All of the legal problems we handle are about protecting the futures of our clients.

  • Bankruptcy law: We are here to help you put your debt problems behind you so you can look forward to a financially stable future.
  • Family law: In handling divorces, child custody disputes and other family law matters, we are focused on protecting our clients’ personal well-being as well as their overall financial situation.
  • Criminal law: If you have been charged with a crime in Texas, many aspects of your future hang in the balance. We are here to guide you to a successful outcome.

Whatever legal problem you face, we will work with you personally from your initial consultation until the resolution of your matter. We will work hard to make you feel at home and to take as much stress as possible out of the legal process as possible.

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